Review – Blackphone 2

If you need a phone to give you the ultimate in go dark experiences the Blackphone 2 is available for you.

Dubbed the worlds first private smartphone by design, the Blackphone 2 promises, privacy, security and multiple phone spaces all in one unassuming black phone.

Using Silent OS an android based and endorsed operating system, the Blackphone 2 promises freedom from bloatware, hooks to carriers and an end to leaky data without compromising productivity.

The Blackphone 2 comes pre loaded with a peer to peer encrypted audio, video calling and messaging as well as protected wifi to avoid risks associated with unsecured wifi networks.

Any vulnerability discovered is patched within 72 hours of detection or reporting with updates sent directly by its makers Silent Circle.

The Blackphone 2 has received several notable awards including the 2015 European New Product award, and the 2015 best invention nod by popular science.

Mobile apps pose the greatest risks to personal privacy with 97% of most of your mobile app able to access private data.

Most of that data is unsecured.

In 2014 alone it was estimated that there were over 1 billion data records lost or stolen to either be sold to third party companies for big business data mining, traded online for other information or used in scams from dating websites to identity fraud and theft.

For businesses data stolen can be used as a ransom (similar to the Ashley Madison case) or sold to competing firms.

The Blackphone 2 is priced at $1219 NZD, or $1110 AUD

Should you not wish to purchase the phone but like the idea of the privacy suite you can pay separately for the Silent suite at $7.20 NZD or $6.55 AUD per year, which gives you the ability to call out to non-members, unlimited member-to-member talk and text with incoming attachments, video calls and conference calls from Plus members.

Or you can pay $14NZD or $13AUD to get the plus silent suite which extends the reach of Silent Phone’s encrypted calling to regular mobile and landline numbers in 439 destinations.

So if you’re looking for extra security, I would recommend taking a look at the Blackphone 2.






Charis McAwesome

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