iPad Pro ads are weird

iPad have released a string of ads, which plainly put, are weird.

A tongue in cheek move, the ads attempt to redefine the term “computer”, by listing all the reasons why an iPad is not a computer… which kind of opens itself up to being compared to a phone.

Here’s the list of ads currently making the rounds.

Tell us what you think – Have iPad lost their way or do the ads make a great case to buy one?

Ad 1 – Case: iPads don’t get PC viruses
Argument – Neither do Phones…doesn’t mean it won’t get malware

Ad 2 – Case: iPad has LTE like your phone
Argument – Use your phone

Ad3 – Case: iPad has Microsoft Word
Argument – So does Microsoft Surface…

Ad 4 – iPad is not a computer
Argument – No shit




Charis McAwesome

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