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We are Hashtag ME (Media and Entertainment). An online Media outlet comprising podcasts, social media, online programming and this beautiful website.

We provide an uncultured round-up with stories, reviews and opinions on web, tech, gaming and pop culture! Available to download as a podcast from all the major podcast distributors.

Hashtag ME started with Hashtag Radio NZ in 2012, a radio show filling the Waikato airwaves from 5pm on Saturday afternoons via FreeFM89.

The hosts and founders of Hashtag ME are V8Matty, Phid McAwesome and Charis McAwesome, 3 friends totally hooked on social media and technology. Covering the latest in tech, gaming, and what’s been popular or controversial on social networks and what’s just really fun or unusual.

In 2014 Hashtag Radio received their first NZ Radio Award nomination for best spoken/informational English language programme and was selected as finalists.

2015 Saw Hashtag Radio go on to WIN this category and in 2016 they were finalists once again.

As well as Podcasts, We had the online web series Hashtag TV, a show looking at Tech, Social media, web and gaming. Hashtag TV has also won Awards, 2 awards for “Best News Show” and 2 awards for “Best Gaming show”.

We’re writing about what’s new, what’s changing and what’s not so new but still really interesting.

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If you’d like to have a chat, drop us a line : Phid@hashtagme.co.nz or charis@hashtagme.co.nz





Co-founder & Head of digital content - HashtagMe. Tech lover and audio enthusiast. Husband, father, and casual gamer. Opinions are my own (once cleared by wife)