Google & Facebook block extremist videos

According to an exclusive report by reuters, Facebook and google have begun blocking extremist videos by using the same process used to block copyrighted content.

Content ID previously used to block uploaded content that infringed on copyright looks for a unique digital code called hashes that internet companies automatically assign to specific videos, allowing all content with matching codes to be removed.

Now the technology has been developed to identify extremist videos and remove videos with the same hash.

In late April, internet companies including Alphabet Inc’s YouTube, Twitter Inc, Facebook Inc and CloudFlare held a call to discuss  a content-blocking system put forward by the private Counter Extremism Project.

However concerns were raised regarding policing, free speech and the boundaries between government and corporate.

No company has admitted using the technology to this extent so far but Reuters has confirmed there are pressures to adopt it for this use, with Google’s content ID system being the most effective due to age and capabilities .

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Charis McAwesome

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