Dropbox – The one box to rule them all?

I work on all platforms in my day to day tech life. Trying to share or move files around can be a hassle. This is where Dropbox comes in.

Dropbox has been around a while, its aim, to become your one stop digital storage on the internet. Its like a house hold pet – it doesn’t care what OS or platform you use it just loves you unconditionaly.

They have integrated with almost all platforms and operating systems. You can upload files and images from any (linked) device and be able to see it on any other (linked) device. It now even automatically uploads screen shots to your account. Its made cloud storage so convenient, that apps like Google Drive, Sky Drive, iCloud have a serious contender on their hands.

Earlier this year they also brought Mailbox.app. Considering what they have done for digital storage, I can’t wait to see what they do with Mail (as many of us know, its been “broken” for a long time). Could this be the next “major” platform?

What services do you use, does it do what you want?




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