Tobii eye tracking, Hands on…. or eyes on

abatrade überweisung IMG_2264The Acer Aspire V Nitro is a very big, high spec laptop but it has one feature that peaks my curiosity and quite frankly tripped me out.

buy Seroquel no rx It has a built in Tobii eye tracking.

trading opzioni binario Apart from my own adventures of searching and looking for eye tracking devices for my sister, that traditionally are an “add on” to computers, I have never really put that much thought into what I would specifically use eye tracking technology for.

buy Priligy 200 mg in Boston Massachusetts That was until I played with this and now my life has changed.

que es trading con opciones binarias It’s the little things that the Acer Aspire V Nitro with tobii Eye tracking does that eased my computer life.

sito più usato x fare trade Let me set the scene.

binären optionen forum Im at home, having worked 12hrs on my little laptop screen that’s plugged into a separate screen to allow me to multitask.

är det olagligt att köpa kamagra I have several tabs open, working between 2-4 tabs doing that half/half screen thing to save me time in flicking back and forth on tabs.

الخيارات الثنائية موحد تنظيم الدول As a result my hand has formed into the shape of my mouse (which my colleague lent me cause my touchpad settings got all screwed up and I couldn’t remember how to set it back).

writing psychology research papers I’m tired and I still have reports I need to finish, I’ve left my mouse at work…and I have to review this Acer with Tobii eye tracking.

dove ÃÃÂÂÂ% I moan to Phid McAwesome that the world’s troubles are a direct result of him (cause 6 degrees of separation and all that).

cytotec where can i buy without prescription in Waco Texas I decide I’ll give this eye tracking laptop thing a go, I’ll do some work on it.

free credit option trading I open up the laptop, press the on button and am pleasantly surprised after making my way through my login, that I don’t have to set anything up and I can see a bubble thing flicking around the screen, which I quickly deduce is my eyetracker.

60 sekunden optionen I try to confuse it by going cross eyed.

att köpa Viagra i sverige It is not confused and the kids are now laughing at me that I’ve gone cross eyed.

maxresdefaultI realise Im sitting in a half lit room and the eye tracker is still tracking my eyes.  I decide to move to a well lit area of the house to give the laptop a fair shot.

It works just as well – no noticeable difference in performance.

I haven’t read any of the materials and decide to try to open one of the apps by staring at it.

This last for 15mins as I’m gradually getting angrier that the stupid eye tracking thing isn’t opening up my app that I’ve been staring at.

Finally losing my cool, Phid tells me I’m an idiot.  The eye tracking doesn’t open apps, I should read the materials he tells me.

I really think it should open apps, but now I feel like an idiot and have lost 15 minutes of my time.  I still don’t read the materials, I’ve decided that’s cheating.

I decide to go online and open two browser tabs setting them side by side as I normally do.

Thankfully the screen on the Acer Aspire V Nitro is huge so it feels natural rather than cramped like it normally does on a small screen.

So I’m look at the tab on the Left side of my screen , scrolling through press releases when I decide to fact checking.

imagesXBCD4J4NWithout thinking I look to the right side of my screen where my other tab is and start scrolling, the browser I’m looking at scrolls without me even moving the mouse to that window.

As soon as the window scrolls I realise what has happened and now I’m freaking out.

I look to my left and start doing only the scrolling motion on my mousepad (you know the two finger scroll) and the tab on the left that I’m looking at starts scrolling, I look to my right and start scrolling motions and it starts scrolling the tab on my right.

I look to the left side of the screen where my tab is open and without touching the touchpad click int textbox & start typing and the words appear, I look to the right side of the screen where my other tab is open, Click and start typing and the words appear…. I feel like a wizard

I decide I’m going to confuse it and start moving my eyes back and forth across the screen… kinda forgetting that this is a Tobii eye tracker.

It doesn’t miss a beat, however I am now feeling a bit dizzy.

Thankfully this is a eye tracker and not a mind reader because now I’m thinking, okay I have to give this a go with gaming, download some apps that I found to see if this laptop will work well with communication apps for someone like my sister and I want to see if this is handy in using it for work.

So while I hadn’t thought that eye tracking would be beneficial to someone like me, I’m all of a sudden open to the possibilities of how the little things have been made oh so much better.

The next morning at work Im sitting at my desk, working away on my laptop, I look to the left side of my screen and start scrolling….it scrolls the right screen… I curse my dumb laptop.

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Disclaimer: This article was paid for by Tobii Eyetracking Sweden



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