COMVO Offers Reward to Anyone with Information on “Racist Flyer”

In New Jersey COMVO APP, LLC a company who is dedicated to preserving FREE SPEECH in social media is offering a $5,000 reward to anyone with information leading to the discovery of who was behind a “racist” flyer sent out in Edison, NJ on or around Wednesday, November 1st. The racially charged flyer used the slogan “Make Edison Great Again” and depicted an Asian-American and Indian-American Board of Ed. candidate’s photo with a clipart graphic that said “deport” over the images. The flyer made national headlines, and it also violated election law by not providing who paid or mailed it to the residents.

“Whatever the purpose and wherever it came from, using racially charged pieces like this only further divide us. It is imminent we work to build communication between all people of all backgrounds to better our society,” stated COMVO APP President Richard N. Castaldo. “We are offering $5,000 for information that leads to the unmasking of the person or group behind this. We believe in free speech, but using this type of vile rhetoric by anyone is not only disgusting, but it harms the very fabric of our great nation. Those responsible should come forward and explain themselves,” he also stated.

Anyone with solid information and proof backing up their claim should email us at  We urge anyone with information to come forward to us or the local authorities.

COMVO APP provides a new spin on social media by giving users a voice to discuss issues rather than only the ability to type text.

COMVO Offers Reward to Anyone with Information on "Racist Flyer"
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COMVO Offers Reward to Anyone with Information on "Racist Flyer"
A social media app is offering a cash reward for information about a racist flyer.
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