Behold: The Tweeting Bra

Have you ever wished your undergarments could be more social? We haven’t, either, but that didn’t stop one marketing campaign from giving it a try.

OgilvyOne Athens designed a special high-tech bra that tweets each time it is unclasped as part of a new campaign for Nestle Fitness, according to AdRants. As bizarre as the idea may sound, it is technically for a good cause: to promote breast cancer awareness and the need for self-examinations.

The campaign centers around Greek actress Maria Bakodimou and will last for two weeks. A dedicated website for the campaign includes tips for performing self-examinations and, of course, a Twitter account for the social bra.

This isn’t the first time a marketer has rigged up a piece of clothing to connect with Twitter. A few years ago, artist Imogen Heap wore a specially crafted dress at the Grammys, which displayed Twitter pictures from fans. Microsoft created something similar the following year.




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