Bits Of Awesome – Ep.1 – Mortal Kombat

Ep.1 – Mortal Kombat: On this episode we discuss Mortal Kombat on the Sega Master System, Mega Drive , SNES, Game Gear and more! Tweet us your thoughts and memories using the hashtag #BOA.

Angus and Phid bring you a fortnightly show about collecting vintage video games!
We discuss finding games, memories of when they first came out and focus on a particular game or console each show.

You can find Phid – @PhidMcAwesome & Angus – @Evilkud on Twitter and on instagram @PhidMcAwesome & @Gaming_Kud , You can also follow this podcast on @hashtagradionz or on Facebook .
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Phid McAwesome

Phid has been working on and off in media since the age of 17, Now more known for talking about tech and video games, working in the Tech and Gaming space and making meals for his Kids and Wife Charis McAwesome.

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