Google self driving cars in 11 accidents

Google’s self driving cars have been involved in 11 car accidents since the project began six years ago.  None of which were caused by any of the google vehicles, and no one was injured.

Chris Urmson director of the self driving car program said in his blog post that rear end crashes were the most likely to occur in America, and that the Google cars had been hit several times from behind, mainly at traffic lights.  One Google car got swideswiped by a rolling vehicle at a stop sign.

There are only 20 cars being tested in the Google self driving program, so either just over half of the cars have been in accidents or there is one really unlucky car.

Despite this, the unlucky car or drivers have provided unique insight into driving behaviour that is not often reported in America’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), such as lane drifting or red light running.

However the main driving behaviour that has been observed is the lack of attention people are paying while driving.  People have been spotted reading books, checking devices or even playing a trumpet.

I mean seriously, how does one even play a trumpet while driving, and what kind of recital is so important that you need to get that extra practice in while driving?





Charis McAwesome

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