The tale of two phones – Apple’s September Event

And…we’re back

Much has been speculated about this launch. The rumours circulated, the leaks excited people, the “haters” mocked, the “fanboys” got giddy and everyone else was just confused. See my previous post about our expectations before the launch.
I was there (in sprit) to catch the big event. Apple didn’t stream it to the usual countries, instead they only Apple’s September Event – broadcasted to China, Japan and Germany – which gives you a hint to the markets this new product line is targeted for. They started on time and ran through it quite quickly, basically we got a recap on IOS7 and two kinds of iPhone 5’s targeted to two different markets.

Here is the low down


The iPhone 5s

Thats right a small “s” (I guess for “small upgrade”). Having said that, this phone comes with a faster processor (A7 off course and runs at 64bit) with a companion Chip – the M7. This is supposed to make processing all those cool new graphics in IOS7 much easier – without draining battery life.
The camera got an upgrade as expected, but not in the way most of us thought. They enlarged the aperture and the sensor. They also added the “True Tone” duel LED flash which will make low light issues disappear. For those who like to get trigger happy with the camera, you get a burst mode at 10 frames a second and you can even add “slow-mo” within movie clips.
The long awaited finger print scanner (Touch ID) did make an impact (both positive and negative I think). You can have one or multiple users be able to unlock a device just by touching the home button. This unit comes in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB – Gold, Silver and “Space grey” –  the new black. Apple also made cases for these phones this time – trying to capture that lucrative 3rd party accessory market.

The iPhone 5c

All iphone C ColoursIphoneC covers

The rumour mill was practically bang on. We got a colourful range of plastic “low cost” phones. They come in white, pink, yellow, blue and green, colours to suit all tastes (insert Tui Billboard here). Pretty much what they did with the old iPod product line.
The iPhone 5c still has the 8 megapixel camera, retina display and all the other iPhone 5 refinements. They just come in “unapplogetic plastic” as Apple describes them.  However they do reinforce it with metal inside. These phones also come with Apple made cases, but these ones have round holes so you can mix and match you own design preferences (nice idea, taken from MotoX?). They will be available in 16GB and 32GB models only. Now they say low cost but initial estimates say that its marginally cheaper – we will have to wait and see what the local retailers will (have to) charge.


The long awaited IOS refresh is finally here. This comes out on the 18/19th of September. From what we can see the colour schemes were created with the new covers in mind. Anyone that purchases the new devices will also get iLife and iWork IOS apps free. We expect iTunes Radio to also launch on the 18th. You can see a full list of the features here

What we didn’t see

We couldn’t download the new IOS straightaway. We didn’t see any news of the fabled iWatch, probably because they would still be working on it. No mention of new Macbook Pro’s or iMac’s yet. We can only speculate what the October event will reveal.



 For the first time we see Apple really hammering home the covers. iOS 7 will be available for free on September 18th, for iPhones, iPods and iPads that can load it. Pages, Numbers, Keynote, iPhoto and iMovie will be free to anyone purchasing a new iPad, iPhone or 5th-gen iPod Touch – which may anger users who have already brought the apps.
The main difference between the models is the plastic vs metal housing, the iPhone 5s comes with a better camera (with burst mode), better flash, faster processors, a fingerprint reader and you can get a 64 GB version. Otherwise they are the same phone. More details here
Which one appeals to you? If any.



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