D4 – Dark Dreams Don’t Die – Xbox One – Review

Aiming to get the Xbox One Kinect owners arms flailing and hearts racing is D4 from Access Games and Microsoft Studios.

D5-620xAn odd game that offers the player the choice of controller or Kinect and voice commands to play through the game. I was looking forward to finally having a game that utilised the kinect but sadly found the controls to be a bit awkward.

The game itself is essentially a murder mystery where you play as David Young, a detective trying to solve the murder of his own wife. The twist to the plot is his ability to time travel through the use of objects or ‘mementos’ as he calls them.

Visually unique. The graphics are an anime noir style that some will love and others will not, while the voice acting is also reminiscent of the Japanese anime style. Together it makes for a very quirky look and certainly helps add to the games charm.

Dark-Dreams-Dont-Die-WifeThe game offers plenty of interaction with the surroundings as you examine objects and piece together the back story that has led to Young’s current situation with some great action thrown in to the mix as well. For those that enjoy a good mystery and the piecing together of clues there is plenty to keep you interested. The story is compelling and does a great job creating an atmosphere that keeps you wanting more.

With only 3-4 hours of gameplay there is more on offer when playing through a second time and plenty to piece together so don’t feel you’ve been short changed. Hopefully there will be a second instalment coming soon as the episodic nature of the story lends itself nicely to cliff hanger endings.

If only the controls were more precise….





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