FORZA 6 – NASCAR expansion

Forza Motorsport 6 leads the way when it comes to car racing on Xbox. Having already added Porsche expansion to their line up the Forza team now bring us NASCAR.

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trader binario conto demo NASCAR stands for the “National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing” and is the sanctioning body for multiple racing divisions across North America. The NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR XFINITY Series compete using full-bodied stock cars that vaguely resemble four-door production vehicles.

Tastylia Supplier NASCAR is iconic in itself so to allow Forza to include them in their lineup was a bold move.

binà “Ñ“à ’Ñ“à “â€šà ’Â¤re optionen wann handeln Turn 10 also put out an update to FORZA 6 at the same time. Drafting in the slipstream of another car has been tweaked. When you’re racing in a pack, the HUD now has little proximity arrows that let you know where other cars are in relation to yours. You can also make changes to include mandatory pit stops and also add rolling starts (as opposed to taking off from a standstill). opzioni binarie di domenica 944efb4c-eea8-4332-9402-4c5e07116e86

binäre optionen metatrader broker Built to race on high speed ovals it’s a bit odd seeing them on the complex race tracks offered in Forza Motorsport 6. There is certainly some computer magic going on here to expect them to compete with high downforce race cars designed to corner in both directions at high speeds.äre-trading-simulator binäre trading simulator On the oval though they are a pure delight. Using the Logitech G920 wheel in my homemade (worlds ugliest behemoth) racing rig they show their true colours. To many onlookers it appears easy and boring going around and around those oval tracks, but when you are behind the wheel with the force feedback working hard you feel every twitch and slip as you wrestle these big cars at terrifying speeds within inches of each other and the concrete walls. A steering wheel really is the only way to truly experience the thrill of these cars.

opzioni binarie senza deposito At launch you get thrown straight into a race on the Homestead-Miami Speedway which is the only new track with this expansion. While you don’t get the opportunity to tweak settings here it does give a good indication of what’s to come. Once the introductory race is done you are free to start making changes to settings and setups to make the car your own. binäre optionen demo account Included in the expansion are 24 NASCAR cars from the 2016 NASCAR season, representing five of the most celebrated and successful teams in series history.

wechselstrategie binäre optionen 2016 Chevrolet #1 Chip Ganassi Racing McDonald’s Chevy SS binary options 99 2016 Chevrolet #42 Chip Ganassi Racing Target Chevy SS

demo opzioni binarie 2016 Toyota #11 Joe Gibbs Racing FedEx Express Camry

strategie iq option 2016 Toyota #18 Joe Gibbs Racing M&M’s® Camry

opzioni binarie tutorial 2016 Toyota #18 Joe Gibbs Racing Interstate Batteries Camry

lich su forex 2016 Toyota #19 Joe Gibbs Racing ARRIS Camry

binära optioner video 2016 Toyota #19 Joe Gibbs Racing STANLEY Camry

2016 Toyota #19 Joe Gibbs Racing Subway Camry

2016 Toyota #20 Joe Gibbs Racing Dollar General Camry

2016 Toyota #20 Joe Gibbs Racing DEWALT Camry

2016 Chevrolet #4 Stewart-Haas Racing Jimmy John’s Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #4 Stewart-Haas Racing Outback Steakhouse Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #10 Stewart-Haas Racing Nature’s Bakery Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #14 Stewart-Haas Racing Mobil 1 Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #41 Stewart-Haas Racing Haas Automation Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #5 Hendrick Motorsports FARMERS Insurance Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #5 Hendrick Motorsports Great Clips Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #24 Hendrick Motorsports NAPA Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #48 Hendrick Motorsports Lowe’s Super Sport

2016 Chevrolet #88 Hendrick Motorsports Nationwide Insurance Super Sport

2016 Ford #2 Team Penske Alliance Truck Parts Fusion

2016 Ford #2 Team Penske Brad K. Fusion

2016 Ford #22 Team Penske Shell-Pennzoil Fusion

2016 Ford #22 Team Penske AAA Fusion


A fantastic line up but as you may have already suspected, you will find very little difference between the cars when looking at performance and handling.

Still it’s nice to have the full range to choose from.


If you are all about the Xbox achievements I suggest you invest some time in an endurance race at Homestead-Miami Speedway. I did the 200 lap race and at the end was hit win a huge number of achievements and a huge stack of WHEELSPINS that will help increase your credits and possibly add a few cars to your garage not to mention the massive boost to the manufacturer AFFINITY bonuses.

So back to reality with shivers of terror running down our spines at the thought of these speed machines hurtling around tracks like Bathurst and the Nurburgring.

Forza Motorsport will try it’s best to match similar vehicles in races but we all know these NASCAR machines with their 4 speed gearboxes and long gear ratios should not compete with the low slung aerodynamic racers that are prevalent throughout the game.


This is where we resume our “it’s only a game” ways of justifying the reality of what’s going on. We must put aside our racing sim desires and remember that it’s all about having a good time and not necessarily representing real world physics, conditions and outcomes.

The NASCAR expansion does bring a needed change to the mix. The cars are incredibly fun to drive with a racing wheel and hope they will introduce some more ovals to the mix later on.

Congratulations to FORZA and to NASCAR for taking a risk and making this happen. It has added a whole new dimension to the FORZA 6 experience.

If you are a fan of NASCAR, you will want to add this expansion to your collection, and if not you probably should give it a go anyway. You just might surprise yourself.






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