Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro – Review

forex pakistan exchange rates The saying goes the hand is quicker than the eye – not so much though when it comes to laptops.

banca italiana So Tobii, the giants of the eye tracking technology world & Acer computers have decided enough is enough, it’s time to unite the average consumer with some serious disruptive innovation to the laptop world that just seems to only be innovative when it comes to being thin.

qualcuno sto arrivando cosa aono le autopzionibinarie Introducing the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro that has got some serious advantages on its laptop competitors right now.

opções binarias betfair When it comes to laptops, I’m shallow. I like good looking laptops.

opzionibinarie a un euro login This laptop Is sexxxxxyyyyy and to be honest I actually barely noticed the eye tracking technology to begin with…and that’s a good thing.

knicks trade options I like the understated sexy as opposed to the loud statements that make me want to take a hammer to it.

binär optionen erfahrungen 4k resolution screen with a Core™ i5 or a Core i7 (dependant on your model) and DDR4 memory, it has a coolboost and aeroblade system that is designed to keep the Nitro running at full speed for hours.

forex bank öppettider jönköping The sound is made up of Acer TrueHarmony™ and Dolby Audio™ Premium, and when you are sitting in front of the laptop, the sound is actually pretty amazing. نظام تداول الخيارات الثنائية And finally it comes with Gamer Ready NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1060i for some truly decent graphics.

broker opzioni binarie minimo deposito 10 euro It comes in a very sturdy aluminium hard cover, dressed stylishly in black with silver accents (although I would much prefer the gold) and the screen is 17inches….its huuuge.

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Köpa Viagra Varberg While the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro works like a normal laptop, it’s actually Tobii’s eye tracking technology that has opened the door to a world of possibilities.

Sildenafil Citrate på nätet lagligt I’ll get to the specs of the laptop in a few moments, what you really need to understand is the addition of the eye tracking technology that has turned basically an ordinary laptop into a high tech experience.

How to work out at home with dumbbells Eye tracking allows you to take control of your device by using your eyes.

För Strattera 18 mg nätet Made up of sensors (which are essentially cameras combined with projectors) it works off a serious deal of algorithms which combined form the eye tracking technology.

Normally when you add technology of this calibre to a laptop this consumes more power or weight.  This actually doesn’t apply to Tobii’s eye tracking technology which in this instance is called Tobii IS4 platform.

Bear with me…this is where it gets technical.

The eye tracking technology itself is actually called the Tobii IS4 platform, and it is actually a kit made of up modules that allows for easy integration into consumer devices.

It is the most advanced eye tracking AND biometric platform available today.

Containing Tobii’s custom designed and highly patented EyeChip it combines hardware engines for eye tracking with “ vectorized image signal processor and in-package LP DDR memory”.

Best of all it’s small (8mm by 8mm) and it’s a self-sustained low power SoC ASIC.

The EyeChip’s size, power and low power consumption actually means it can be integrated into devices like your cellphone, notebooks and VR.

The IS4 platform is actually the strip at the bottom of the screen you see on the Acer Aspire V 17 Nitro and its incredibly thin despite its robustness.

The IS4 platform contains the EyeChip, Sensors, illuminators (illuminators create reflection patterns on the user’s eyes. By detecting these patterns, in combination with features from the user’s face and eyes, this allows the sensors to detect gaze and eye movements.) and it’s this you see in the Nitro.

Now Tobii eye tracking is the ONLY technology that truly and actually works with Windows Biometrics security.

Basically it means when you walk away from your laptop, it will switch off, until you are back…which it will then switch back on cause it read your eyes.

Yes, all those movies that had doors opening by scanning your eyes is now brought to you on your laptop to prevent your Facebook pages from being victim to a not so funny family member or friend.

But it’s not just eye tracking – it also recognises  

Head position, Face ID and recognition, eg Windows Hello, Head tracking, Gestures, Facial feature tracking and Presence.  

Now… this tech also means it brings a new environment and way of doing things, not just in your day to day laptop life (which you can see here) but also in your gaming experiences, which you can view here

Check out more on Tobii eye tracking Buy Tadalafil Tastylia 20mg without prescription here.

Disclaimer: This article was paid for by Tobii Eyetracking Sweden



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